A text of Amr from Cairo

I DON'T TRUST YOU SCAF ANYMORE,I am not in tahrir for a political
reason , im not so much involved as a politician, it is just a human
matter ,im there coz im a human ,I can see an excessive force applied
on peaceful protestors who didn't find anything on ground of their
revolution. And the army, who always says with all his pride "we
protect the revolution" , "we will never shoot Egyptians", they are
doing it now and extremely violent shooting to the eyes and hearts of
Egyptians. Blinding the eyes which might lead the way for a new Egypt,
a new Egypt where there is no place for a military dictatorship.

No one knows why it turned to be so violent now. Didn't they learn the
lesson of Mubaraks days? The more violent the more strong protesters
get. Or where they intending to achieve some other goals from their
hidden agenda, while claiming Tahrir protestors to have one,
The question now is what might happen, maybe Egypt will turn into a
new Libya where people will have to carry weapons to achieve their
goals. Get their freedom through a bloody way, but the only way
The spreading protest through Egypt are taking place now in Cairo,
Alexandria, Suez and many other cities. Egypt is back to top news but
in an extremely sorrowfull way, very bloody this time.

It Is very hard to think about what is going on now, but is extremely
strange to think im writing now while others are on ground fighting
for what they think is right, strange to think that what I can see now
by my own eyes wont be possible to be seen for someone who lost
his/her eyes in the battle.

Is the army who was hand in hand with Egypt protesters during the
first revolution, who used to witness them being killed on camel
battles and didn't interfere, now is killing the Egyptians, and
denying using any weapons against protestors at the same time.
What makes people more angry is to find out we still have very strong
security forces either from the army or police. Instead of
implementing this power in controlling thugs and thieves on streets
,and they r a lot, they are practicing their old habits of extreme
power on the innocent protestors.

The same way of thinking and thoughts of the old regime is still
existing, hidden agenda Iranian/Israeli/American funded rebels are
mentioned now after 25th of jan. I's hard to believe but sadly true no
thing changed in Egypt after the revolution, only to a worse
condition, questions are arising now whether we need a new revolution
or coop this time. Thinking of consequences makes me more worried
about the biggest country in middle east and its reflection on its
surroundings and the whole middle east .

The army launched a new field hospital today in Tahrir. Very wise of
them to deliver a quick service for the beaten protestors by the
police. They will be present there now as doctors, after first
murdering a female doctor in one of many field clinics in the square.

In one of the most politically unaware buildings in Egypt, in one of
the biggest construction companies in the middle east, I am so happy
and moved to hear people talking here that they are so much in
solidarity with the protestors in tahrir now, although those fighters
can be called from the low class, people in such place still feel for
them, which isn't so familiar in Egypt.

Nevertheless we still think there are two parties in tahrir, if the
word party is accurate enough. There are the peacefull protestors in
tahrir who are mostly there to show off their anger of our countries
condition by so many means like shouting and enchanting the most
powerful word can be said now (erhal) "leave". Still not deciding what
should be done if the army council really left, but they are so brutal
and not straight and they are being cowards to confess they have
applied extreme force on the protestors in the early days of the
The second team(party) is those fighters who are in Mohamed mahmoud
str, real rebels with the scarves around their necks and stone in
hands against teargas and police bullets, I can say they are not so
aware of what is going on, but in their own opinion they are fighting
for the country with the possible way they can see, the revenge
towards police.

Sadly their enemy now is back to be the police which is almost absent
since 28th of jan.
Finally the conspiracy theory is really present here as normal for us
(Egyptians) some think there are hidden fingers playing behind
curtains to make it more violent and cause more death and injuries
from both sides

Strangely enough that no one can be 100% sure who is breaking the
deals held between both sides, no media is allowed inside, me myself
didn't felt welcome to enter the street with all this violence, but I
guess the army could be more effective and willing enough to stop this
clashes if they really want it to stop.

Who knows!!!
I just can say there is an obvious compulsion, suppression
implemented on the unleashed free Egyptian soul.

To be continued.....